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Scuba Diving Facts

Scuba Diving Facts

Did you know that scuba diving is the sport with the heaviest equipment? I gathered 11 unique and crucial scuba diving facts for every diver. There are over 1 million newly certified scuba divers every year who, like me, can’t possibly remember all the important things about scuba diving off the bat…

Seasick while scuba diving

Seasick While Scuba Diving

Nothing is as miserable as getting seasick while anticipating your next dive. But experience shows that there is a solution for every diver, no matter how different we are. That’s why I collected every possible seasickness prevention method that can be found so you can find the best one for you…

Best dive computer for beginners

Best Dive Computer for Beginners

Finding the best dive computer for beginners is challenging because you may not be familiar with the computer brands and models. Even if you were, how would you know which to choose without prior experience with either of the dive computers? One important thing to keep in mind before you choose is…

How to use a dive computer

How to Use a Dive Computer

If you’re in the market for the best dive computer or will be renting one for the first time, it’s important to know how to use a dive computer correctly. After all, it’s your safety at stake here. Or maybe you’re old-school and switching over from dive tables…

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I’m a diver, surfer, and a snorkeler. I love to learn new things, challenge myself, and research everything about how to make my time underwater better.

I love how technology keeps evolving and helping me to improve my time, comfort, and safety down below (or on the surface). I like to understand everything and then tell it to you in a straightforward way.

This is my blog and my story.

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