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Hi! My name is Rok, and if I could breathe underwater, I would make water my first home. I’m a diver, snorkeler, swimmer, and surfer, and I enjoy sharing my experience here with you.

Rok and his wife (fiancee at the time) on a beach in Thailand drinking out of coconuts

Who I Am

I’m a sports enthusiast who enjoys spending as much time underwater as possible. I also have a lot of experience with blogging and building websites from my previous jobs, which allows me to run this website about underwater sports without losing my head.

But most of all, I’m a very laid-back person who likes to enjoy life, hang out with people, and never say no to a trip to the beach.

This picture of me and my wife on the Rabbit Island beach in Thailand (not that I get to go to exotic places very often) very nicely describes my spirit.

I love trying out new things, especially if they include me in, on, or below water. That’s why I do diving, snorkeling, surfing, swimming, wakeboarding, ice baths, different equipment in different environments and different seasons, and whatever else pops into my mind as a good idea.

I’m a licensed PADI diver and a licensed fitness instructor with a degree in physics.

Rok with his mom and brother

The Full Epic Journey of Rok Vale

My full name is Rok Valenčič, and I was born in Slovenia. Rok sounds cool in English (rock) but is otherwise a very common first name in Slovenia. And Vale was a nickname that both me and my brother got in school (I know, kids are original), and I’ve been using it to this day because it’s shorter and simpler.

I count myself lucky to be one of those generations who didn’t know the internet in their early childhood, which allowed me to spend my days in the garden playing, climbing trees, and anxiously waiting for summer to go with my family to the seaside.

I don’t know why, but even as a very young boy, I loved being underwater. Holding my breath, going under, just letting go, and watching the underwater world around me brought me peace like nothing above water could. It still does.

Before elementary school, my grandfather enrolled me, my brother, and my two cousins in a summer swimming course. That made swimming (and being in water in general) one of the rare physical activities I was good at at the time.

I grew up as a Catholic Scout and have been active in the scout movement for over 17 years. That’s where my love of the outdoors, challenges, and people grew.

Rok on surfing camp in Spain

Discovering Water Sports and Beach Life

I got invited to start swimming more seriously in elementary school because I was fairly good at it, and I really wanted to (I actually started with the training), but my parents refused because it would conflict with my studies and other things I had. I don’t regret it now, and I think it was the right decision, but I was sorry then.

So, I pursued my love of water in more ‘extra-curricular’ activities, like scuba diving, diving from a springboard, and surfing. Mostly locally and some as a part of the recreational programs offered by my college university, but it was enough to get that taste of adventure that keeps a hold of you and doesn’t let go.

In college, I started a company with a friend. We came up with what I still think is one of the best games ever designed – a real labyrinth for people where you had to find your way out in the dark with a custom flashlight. It doesn’t sound much like this, but it was awesome. It was an adrenaline-infused escape room on steroids. We ran the business for over two years.

We weren’t businessmen and didn’t want to be either, so we closed the company after graduating and moved on. I became a licensed fitness instructor after that and soon took over the gym where I worked.

Sadly, I didn’t live so close to the beach that would allow me to do anything water-related professionally, so I became a licensed PADI diver and continued to enjoy underwater activities in my spare time.

Rok and his wife on a dive trip in Cambodia

Chasing the Good Vibes

Surfing and diving trips to exotic locations, meeting new people, and hanging out on relaxing beaches under the hot summer sun are higher levels of life for me. So I have done it all.

From surf camps in Spain, diving in Cambodia, surf trips in Ireland, snorkeling in Thailand, discovering the underwater world of Croatia, and more, with my wife as my cherished companion.

The most exclusive thing we’ve done is a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cambodia and Thailand, a paradise for anybody who loves to dive, snorkel, or just lay on countless beaches drinking cocktails (the image above is us on a diving trip with a small boat off the shore of Koh Rong!

A few years after college, my wife and I settled down in the house that my grandfather built for himself and his wife when he was young. Because my job at the time was built for a fast lifestyle, no family, and not much free time, I decided it was time for another change.

So, I started a job doing web development and SEO for a local company, and I’ve been doing that ever since. Having enough experience with the blogging world allowed me to start my own blog about what I love most – being underwater!

Now, I spend my days trying out new equipment, visiting new locations, meeting new people, and sharing everything I find on this website.

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